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Specimen Tree Collection

Mt. Lebanon Municipal Arboretum’s tree collection identifies for visitors more than 25 species of trees and woody shrubs that are native or non-native to our area. The collection demonstrates how a diverse canopy enriches the ecosystem, mitigates the effect of disease, and adds visual appeal to our community

Arboretum plants are located throughout the municipality on public lands, including parks, parklets, traffic islands and street rights-of-way. The collection represents a broad selection of plants that perform well in our Western Pennsylvania climate, soils and suburban location.

Click on the links below for information about each species (Alphabetical by Common Name):

Bald Cypress
Black Gum
Black Walnut
Burr Oak
Cedar of Lebanon
Common Horsechestnut
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
Dawn Redwood
Douglas Fir
Eastern Red Oak
Eastern Redbud
Eastern White Pine
European Larch
Ivory Silk Tree Lilac
Japanese Black Pine
Japanese Maple
Japanese Stewartia
Japanese Zelkova
Littleleaf Linden
Paper Birch
Pin Oak
Princeton American Elm
Profusion Flowering Crabapple