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Bald Cypress

Common Name: Bald Cypress                 

Scientific Name: Taxodium distichum 

Location: Spalding Circle.

Size: 7 inches diameter at breast height

Map of where bald cypress is

This tree typically grows to:  60-90 feet tall and 20-40 feet wide 

This tree prefers these conditions:  Full sun and medium to wet soils

Special about this tree:  

  • This is a conifer that sheds its leaves in fall, which is where the “bald” comes from.
  • Foliage is soft, feathery “needles,” which are pale green in summer, and turn deep copper in fall before falling.
  • Produces 1-inch diameter round cones.
  • Common in the wild in swampy areas, and can produce “knees,” or knobby root stumps that grow vertically above the soil or water line.
  • Resistant to deer