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Vibrant Uptown

The words "Vibrant Uptown" and Mt. Lebanon's cedar tree logo


The municipality engaged in a $3.9 million update, including new sidewalks, lighting and other amenities to make it a brighter, more accessible destination for shopping, dining and service. This project is not just about fixing what is broken, but an investment in our collective future. It is a vote of confidence in the vitality of the Uptown District.  

For a history and details about the project, read Main Street Makeover from Mt. Lebanon Magazine.

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The Mt. Lebanon Commission, on May 11, 2021, approved the contract for Phase 1, including sidewalks, lighting, planters, seating and placemaking.

The Vibrant Uptown project is a multi-year project which will transform Uptown into a community-serving destination for dining, shopping, arts, entertainment and services. Vibrant Uptown is one project with several components, including Washington Road streetscape, Parse Way renovations, accessibility and public space activation and placemaking enhancements. 

The genesis of the project can be traced back to the 2013 Mt. Lebanon Comprehensive Plan which prioritized the vitality of our business districts by creating a strategic plan for Uptown.  

In 2016, the municipality completed the Uptown Strategic Plan

In 2017, EvolveEA completed a Public Space Improvement Plan

The Mt. Lebanon Partnership also proposed the “Partnership Placemaking Plan

After project funding was secured, a hierarchy was created to facilitate involvement of key stakeholders and the public in the design process for the Vibrant Uptown Project.  

The five Mt. Lebanon Commissioners have final approval for allocations of funding and of the awarding of bids for the project. 

The Leadership Committee is charged with project oversight and implementation. The members of the Leadership Committee are: 

  • Two Commission Project Champions 
  • Municipal Manager, Assistant Manager, and Commercial Districts Manager 
  • Professional consultants Gateway Engineers and LaQuatra Bonci Architects  
  • Representatives from the Economic Development Council and Mt. Lebanon Partnership Design Committee 

The Steering Committee developed project principles and seeks to engage a broad range of stakeholders in the Uptown District. The Steering Committee includes all of the Leadership Committee along with representatives from the following groups: 

  • Municipal Public Works Department and Police Department 
  • Municipal Boards and Authorities, including: Environmental Sustainability Board, Equal Opportunity Board, Historic Preservation Board, and Parking Advisory Board 
  • Port Authority of Allegheny County 
  • Mt. Lebanon School District, including representatives from Washington Elementary and Mellon Middle Schools 
  • Property and Business Owners 
  • At-Large Community Members 
  • Other subject experts, including an ADA Consultant 

The Vibrant Uptown Steering Committee’s vision is to actualize a community-serving public space improvement project that incorporates the best practices in urban design. Our vision incorporates a long-view to ensure that leading edge design principles are employed to achieve the goal of a vibrant Uptown and adheres to the Project Principles of Accessibility, Connectivity, Sustainability, Innovation, and Inclusivity. 

Vibrant Uptown Presentation

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As the project moved through the Schematic Design Phase, a number of public design charrettes were held to generate feedback and interest on the proposed Plan. LaQuatra Bonci Associates led the public design process. 

Planning for Phase 2, which could include additional placemaking and improvements to Parse Way, is ongoing.