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Northern Hackberry

Common Name: Northern Hackberry           

Scientific Name: Celtis occidentalis

Location: Sunset Hills / Brafferton Park

Size: 7 inches at breast height

Northern Hackberry, "Celtis occidentalis" location on map

Native to:  Central and northeastern North America 

This tree typically grows to:  40 to 60 feet tall and wide 

This tree prefers these conditions:  Shady understory along moist shoulder slope.

Special about this tree:  

  • Tree is very tough, competitive in dense shrubbery, pollution tolerant, and adaptable to shade or sun.
  • Pea-size drupe is a single seed that will dry like a wrinkled prune to overwinter and then germinate in spring.
  • Witches brooms (tangles of deformed twigs) can be caused by mites. Warts on the underside of leaves can be caused by psyllid.
  • The zigzag twig pattern are result of false end buds, meaning new growth sprouts from the sides instead of end of twigs.
  • Conspicuous corky ridges and warty bumps along bark