The T on the rail tracks coming out of a tunnel, approaching the Mt. Lebanon stop.

Roads & Transportation

Road Construction

In Mt. Lebanon, we have two types of road construction: Utility-related road repair, which happens when the gas, electric or water company dig into a street to make a repair. Most unplanned road repairs are this type. The municipality does not have control over when and where this type of repair happens. Sometimes, we are not even notified. If we are notified, we will place it on this page, under utility-related road repair.

We also have road surfacing and construction, which is part of the yearly municipal road improvement contract. We will always contact affected residents about this type of repair. We also will post it here every construction season so all drivers can become aware of it.

Utility-Related Road Repair

Peoples Gas project on North Meadowcroft

Peoples Gas will be installing a new main line and new services to properties over an 8-week project.

Dates: Baseline road repairs will begin on Wednesday, July 17. Flaggers will be in the area.

Contact: Vincent Sabatini: (412) 258-4707

Pennsylvania American Water Company work on Cedar Boulevard

Water company contractors will be installing a new water main on Cedar Boulevard, beginning at its intersection with Gilkeson Road and ending at its intersection at Beadling Road, starting with the saw cutting of the pavement.

No parking signs will be posted in the area where the crew is working and Mt. Lebanon police will be on site. Residents will always have access to their homes and are encouraged to park in their driveways.

Work hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The next two phases of the project, which will include installation of new service lines to each individual household and then paving and restoration of disturbed properties, will follow at a later date. Residents will be notified in advance.

Special arrangements can be made with the onsite supervisor to help relieve any unseen situations:

Pennsylvania American Water Company work on Williamsburg Road

Water company contractors will be installing a new water main on Williamsburg Road from Cochran to Larchmont. Work will continue from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Sections of the street may be closed during work hours.

If you have questions, you may call (800) 565-7292.

Additional Pennsylvania American Water Company work coming:

Robb Hollow Road: TBD, 15-20 days pipe installation.

Communication Conduit Work, Bower Hill Road

The contractor is installing underground conduit and fiber optic cables along Bower Hill from Washington Road to the border with Scott Township. Residents can contact the following individuals with concerns about the work being done or restoration issues: Chris Luden, Thayer Group, (814) 490-2540, Mike Brennan, Thayer Group, (814) 323-1711, Teagan Kramer, Zayo, (303) 859-3532

Columbia Gas projects for 2024

We don’t have all information yet for this season’s project lineup but in some cases, we have estimated info. We’ll update this page as we know more. All completion dates are estimated and do NOT include road restoration, which Mt. Lebanon requires and will be completed later.

Castle Shannon Boulevard, Cooke Lane, Arlington Park, Crystal Drive

Work started on Castle Shannon, progressed to Cooke Lane, Crystal and Arlington. Cooke Lane will be closed during much of the work. You will have access to Rite Aid and the bank. Completion: Early September

Anawanda Avenue (Castle Shannon to Tampa), Castle Shannon Blvd (Crystal to Scott), Cypress Way

Work along Castle Shannon Boulevard at Crystal. Completion: Early October

Atlanta Drive (Cochran to Mabrick)

Completion: Early July

Arden Road, Overlook Drive, North Meadowcroft Avenue, Beverly Road, Parker Drive, McFarland Road, Layton Avenue and Annapolis Avenue

Completion: Late October

Neulon Avenue, Midway Road, Parker Drive

Completion: Early October

Other Mt. Lebanon Projects

Installation of a right-turn-only lane on Bower Hill at Washington Road

Contractors have closed the right lane on Bower Hill Road heading uphill. This will be a permanent lane closure on Bower Hill until the turning lane has been completed. Temporary Line striping will be installed. There will be NO PARKING on Bower Hill between Lavina Avenue and Washington Road until the contractor finishes the project. The contractor anticipates the project will last three to four weeks, depending on weather. The contractor has placed No Parking Signs on cones and barricades in order to notify the residents as well.

Cedar/Salem intersection reconfiguration

The intersection will be reconfigured this year for better flow and more pedestrian accessibility. Schedule is listed with the reconstruction projects.

An engineering map showing changes at the intersection of Cedar and Salem
Changes to come at Cedar/Salem intersection

Included in this work:

  • Physical Modifications: Construct new curblines and ADA ramps on all four (4) quadrants of the intersection. This would better align the Hollycrest Drive approach to the intersection and would reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians crossing the northbound Cedar Boulevard and westbound Hollycrest Drive approaches.
  • Pavement Marking Modifications: Install new piano-key style crosswalks on the northbound and westbound approaches. Install double yellow dashed extension lines through the intersection on Cedar Boulevard. Install “SLOW” and “+” legends on the Cedar Boulevard approaches. Install “yield lines” on each approach to the crosswalk on Cedar Boulevard.
  • Rapid Response Flashing Beacons (RRFBs): Install RRFBs on each side of Cedar Boulevard at the marked crossing on the northbound approach. The RRFBs would be push button activated and would have appropriate signage and flashing beacons facing both Cedar Boulevard approaches.


Learn how streets are selected for our municipal road improvement program on our Road Work 101 page.

The 2024 summer reconstruction program will cost $2.4 million and include the Cedar intersection listed above. Other streets included:

Street NameFrom – To
Birch AvenueSunset Drive to Scott Road
Fernwood AvenueParkside Avenue to Dead End
Firwood DriveLarchdale Avenue to 1145 Firwood Drive
Helen DriveBanksville Road to Dollar General Driveway
Mapleton AvenueBower Hill Road to Rae Avenue
Meridian DriveHaverhill Road to Country Club Drive
Oregon TrailConnor Road to Municipal Line
Rawley DriveFirwood Drive to Lakemont Drive
2024 Street Reconstruction Listing

View an Interactive Road Project Map  to view streets to be reconstructed in 2024.

View the 2024 Reconstruction Schedule. It should be noted that the schedule and duration may need to be revised during construction due to unforeseen issues, such as utility service conflicts. Also the schedule may be affected by poor weather conditions.

Steps 1-2 from the linked Road Work page will be completed on all streets prior to Steps 3-6 being completed. Therefore there will be some time after work has started on your street when no one will be working, because they are completing work on the other streets.

The program is scheduled to begin in May and rebuilding your street will create some temporary inconvenience. We appreciate your patience as we work to complete a major project that will enhance our community and help ensure your street lasts for another 30 years. Unlike periodic patching and resurfacing, street reconstruction involves removing the old base, replacing deteriorated curb and installing new subsurface drainage before applying a new surface.

During the phases of reconstruction, you will not be able to park on your street. When you cannot use your street or driveway, you may park during the day and overnight on nearby streets where it is legal. You do not have to contact the police department. The municipality will notify the police department for you. Please be conscious of other residents when you are parking on the streets. Do not block driveways and be aware of residentsc need to have ample room to back out of their driveways when parking on the streets. The contractor will leave a notice at your front door a few days before construction begins.

Emergency fire, police and medical rescue service will continue as usual, and regular garbage pickup and mail delivery will be maintained. If your street is closed and you need to pick up or drop off a person with a disability or a medical condition, please talk with the Contractor’s foreman. If necessary, he can arrange to have that person transported out of the construction area.

If you are planning to move or are expecting a large delivery during the process, please notify the municipal engineer at (412) 409-2398 as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made if possible; however, you may need to modify your schedule. If you have an irrigation system or an invisible dog fence please let the Contractor’s foreman know prior to the start of construction. These systems are not marked on the surface so there is the potential for accidental removal by the contractor.


During the Summer of 2024, the $479,350 contract will include:

Street NameFrom – To
Cedar BoulevardMorgan Drive to Mayfair Drive
Cedar BoulevardBaywood Avenue to Washington Road
Florida AvenueCedar Boulevard to 666 Florida Avenue
North Meadowcroft AvenueMorrison Drive to Dixon Avenue
Illinois AvenueMississippi Avenue to End
Mississippi AvenueMunicipal Line to End
Shady Drive East (Alt. No. 2)Washington Road to 615 Shady Drive East
Magnolia Place (Alt. No. 6)Magnolia Place to Savannah Avenue
2024 Street Resurfacing Listing

View an Interactive Road Project Map  to view streets to be resurfaced in 2024.

It should be noted that the schedule may need to be revised during construction due to unforeseen issues, such as utility service conflicts. Also the schedule may be affected by poor weather conditions.

Brick Streets

Mt. Lebanon’s Historic Brick Streets are cherished parts of our neighborhood character. As such, the Mt. Lebanon Commission passed a brick streets policy in 2023 to help ensure the continuity of key brick roads. Read the policy here.