A closeup of people lining Washington Road in their Lebo gear, including kids and adults waiving at the camera.


Leaf Collection

On most Mt. Lebanon streets each fall, the leaves are vacuumed from the curbside. After the leaf service has ended, the leaves are shredded and hauled away by contractors, and composted outside of Mt. Lebanon. Leaves are picked up in Mt. Lebanon weekly beginning in October and continuing through the week of Thanksgiving.

2023 leaf collection has ended. Please bring any remaining leaves back into your yard. Use for compost, place in trash (in brown paper bags) or save for spring drop off.

Collection guidelines

Leaf burning is prohibited in Mt. Lebanon. We encourage collection and composting. Should public works decide to extend leaf collection, a LeboAlert will be sent. Do not place leaves in the street after leaf collection has ended. Any remaining leaves must be bagged and placed at the curb for regular garbage pick up. The 15 bags/items limit, including trash, still applies.

Leaf pickup is one day prior to your regular garbage collection day, rake leaves into the street the day before pickup day. To reduce leaf accumulation in streets, please refrain from raking leaves into the street immediately after the collection truck has passed. If you rake leaves several days before pickup, store leaves in your yard, behind the curb and not in the street. Poor weather conditions, such as snow or rain, may delay pickup—please be patient.

Leaves can be fun but they also make great compost.

Advice for Residents of Dead-End Streets

It is not feasible to reach all locations with a vacuum truck. Dead-end streets offer limited turning room and high-traffic main streets are too busy to permit vacuum collection. Residents of these areas are advised to bag their leaves for Saturday collection each week. Bags must be at the curb prior to 7 a.m.

If you are not sure which policy applies to you, call the Public Works Department at (412) 343-3403. Please be advised that poor weather conditions, such as snow and rain, may delay pickup. Delays will be posted on this page.

Streets with Saturday Curbside Leaf Pick-Up

The streets listed below have Saturday curbside pickup. In that case, place all leaves in 30-gallon biodegradable brown paper bags available at local hardware stores. Bags must be placed at the curb prior to 7 a.m. Saturday. We will not collect leaves in plastic bags.

  • Abbeyville Road
  • Adeline Avenue (dead end)
  • Arlington Park
  • Atlanta Place
  • Beverly Road (up to 599)
  • Birch Avenue (dead end)
  • Bower Hill Road
  • Castle Shannon Boulevard
  • Cedar Boulevard (Washington to Salem & Mayfair to Beadling, odd numbers)
  • Cedar Lane
  • Cochran Road
  • Conner Road
  • Craig Court
  • Dewalt Drive
  • Gilkeson Road
  • Hartle Lane
  • Hoodridge Lane
  • Jaycee Drive
  • Kenmont Avenue (dead end)
  • Ladora Lane
  • Lavina Avenue (dead end)
  • Leafy Lane
  • Lindenwood Avenue
  • McFarland Road
  • McMonagle Avenue
  • McNeilly Road
  • Morton Lane
  • Mt. Lebanon Boulevard
  • Orchid Lane
  • Overlook Drive (dead end)
  • Parkridge Lane
  • Pearce Road
  • Pennsylvania Boulevard (dead ends)
  • Robb Hollow Road (821 and up)
  • Rock Springs Road
  • Segar Road
  • Shady Lane
  • Towercrest Dr.
  • Washington Road
  • Westover Road
  • Whitby Lane
  • Youngwood Road

Optional Saturday Leaf Pick-Up

Because of problems encountered in previous years with cars parked on the street, we are offering the option of Saturday pickup (with the same bagged requirement as all other Saturday pickup) for the following areas:

  • Academy Avenue—Washington Road to Mapleton Avenue
  • Akron Avenue
  • North Meadowcroft – Bower Hill to Dell Avenue
  • Shady Drive East—Alfred Street to Castle Shannon Boulevard
  • Shady Drive West—Washington Road to Mapleton Avenue