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Common Horsechestnut

Common Name: Common Horsechestnut             

Scientific Name: Aesculus hippocastanum

Location: Spalding Circle

Size: 1.5 inches at breast height

Common Horsechestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum map of location

Native to: The Balkans

This tree typically grows to:  50 to75 feet tall, 40 to 65 feet wide

This tree prefers these conditions:  Full sun to part shade, well-drained soils 

Special about this tree:  

  • Showy, 10-inch, white upright flowers in May to June
  • Dark palmately compound leaves, usually with seven leaflets
  • Upswept twigs noticeable in winter.
  • Spiny fruit encloses shiny brown nut
  • Nice shade tree, but consider falling fruit, sometimes called “conkers.”