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London Plane

Common Name:  London Plane

Scientific Name: Platanus  x acerifolia

Location: Main Park near serpentine walls. Approximately six London Planes grow in this area.

Size: 46 inches diameter at breast height

London Plane, "Platanus x acerifolia" location on map

Native to:  Hybrid cross between the American Sycamore and Oriental Planetree

This tree typically grows to:  75-100 feet tall and 60-75 feet wide 

This tree prefers these conditions:  Medium to wet; full sun.

Special about this tree:  

  • This large shade tree is common in cultivation, and is able to withstand many urban conditions. It needs a lot of space.
  • Large leaves can be up to 9 inches. They turn an undistinguished yellow in fall.
  • Brownish gray bark of mature trees peels away to reveal olive green and cream inner bark.
  • Fruit is generally borne in pairs of 1.5-inch diameter prickly balls.
  • Trunk can reach 4- to 8 feet diameter.
  • Tree creates litter from large leaves, seed balls and twigs.
  • Resistant to deer browse.
  • Distinguish from the American Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis):
  • Sycamore is more commonly found in natural settings, such as wet woodlands.
  • Sycamore leaves have shallower sinuses.
  • Sycamore seeds generally are borne singly.
  • Sycamore inner bark is more white or cream, not olive.