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The tax office, on the ground floor of the Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building, collects real estate tax for both the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon and the Mt. Lebanon School District. The tax office is also responsible for cash collection oversight for all municipal funds. This page will give you information about all taxes and most fees, including the stormwater fee, earned income tax and local services tax.

Payment Options

People who wish to drop off their tax payments in person but are unable to come to the tax office during normal business hours may use the secure collection box behind the municipal building, on Florida Avenue. Another secure drop box is located to the right of the customer service center in the first-floor lobby of the municipal building.

Pay Online

Avoid delays that can happen when you pay using the mail by paying current Real Estate taxes online by visiting myLebo. Credit card processing fees are: 1.75 percent for debit card, 2.75 percent for credit card, 3 percent for business credit card. Please note if you pay by E-Check, there are no additional processing fees.

Current Real Estate Tax

The Mt. Lebanon Commissioners and School Board determine the annual millage rate at the time that each of their budgets are adopted. The Allegheny County Board of Assessors determines the assessment of each property. The municipal or school district tax is calculated by multiplying the appropriate millage by the full market value as determined by the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessment. 2024 tax rate: 4.5 mills

Due Dates

Collection Period: June 1 – March 10 of the following year

Discount Period: June 1 – July 31
Face Period: August 1 – September 30
Penalty Period: After September 30

Installment Plan – School District Only

1/2 face due September 30
1/4 face due December 31
1/4 face due February 28 (of following year)

Fiscal tax year

Municipal Tax Year: January 1 – December 31 of current year
School District Tax Year: July 1 of current year – June 20 of following year

Change of Address

To change a tax bill or owner mailing address, contact the Allegheny County Treasurer’s Office at 412-350-4100. You can submit your request to Allegheny County.


For detailed property assessment information, please visit Allegheny County’s website.

Delinquent Real Estate Tax, Earned Income Tax and Delinquent Real Estate Tax

Jordan Tax Service Collects ALL of these Taxes

102 Rahway Road
McMurray, PA 15317

Delinquent Real Estate Tax

In March of each calendar year, all outstanding real estate tax balances due for the municipality and school district for the prior tax year will be considered delinquent and transferred to Jordan Tax Service for collection.

All Delinquent Real Estate Tax inquiries should be directed to Jordan Tax Service by calling (412) 835-5243 or (724) 731-2300. Jordan can also be reached via email. Detailed contact information, as well as an online account question requests, can be found at www.jordantax.com.

If you have further questions after speaking with the customer service representatives at Jordan Tax Service, you may call the Mt. Lebanon Tax Office at (412) 343-3405.

Earned Income and Net Profits Tax

Withholding Requirements for Earned Income Tax

Jordan Tax Service has been appointed the Earned Income Tax Collector for Mt. Lebanon as a member of the Southwest Allegheny County Tax Collection District. You may contact Jordan Tax Service at (412) 835-5243 or www.jordantax.com.

All employers within Pennsylvania are required to withhold local earned income tax from their employee’s paychecks. Taxpayers who are self-employed or work outside of Pennsylvania will continue making manual quarterly payments to Jordan Tax Service. Quarterly Payment Form

All taxpayers should file a Residency Certification Form with their payroll office. The PSD code for Mt. Lebanon residents is 731201. Download a copy of the Residency Certification Form

Payment and Filings

All payments and filings for earned income tax should be made to Jordan Tax Service. Earned Income Tax Final Returns are typically due April 15th of the following year.

Local Services Tax

The combined rate for the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon and the Mt. Lebanon School District is $52 annually.

Local Services Tax Employer Withholding

A person subject to the Mt. Lebanon Local Services Tax shall be assessed a pro rata share of the tax for each payroll period in which the person is engaging in an occupation.

The pro rata share of the tax assessed on the person for a payroll period shall be determined by dividing the combined rate of the Local Services Tax levied for the calendar year ($52) by the number of payroll periods established by the employer for the calendar year. For purposes of determining the pro rata share, an employer shall round down the amount of the tax collected each payroll period to the nearest one-hundredth of a dollar.

Employer collection of the Local Services Tax shall be made on a payroll period basis for each payroll period, beginning with the first payroll period in which the person is engaging in an occupation.

Employer Remittance of Collected Tax and Reporting of Collection Detail

Effective January 1, 2016, all Local Services Taxes should be remitted to:

Employers are required to remit the Local Services Taxes withheld from their employees and file a Local Services Tax Quarterly Return thirty (30) days after the end of each quarter of a calendar year.

The Local Services Tax Quarterly Return shall be accompanied by a list employee name, address, social security number, physical address of the place of employment, number of payroll periods for which the Local Services Tax was withheld and the amount of Local Services Tax being remitted for each employee.

Exemptions to the Local Services Tax

The Local Services Tax shall be no more than $52 on each person for each calendar year, irrespective of the number of political subdivisions within which a person may be employed.

The law requires municipalities and school districts who levy the Local Services Tax at a rate exceeding $10 to exempt any person from the Local Services Tax whose total earned income and net profits from all sources within the political subdivision is less than $12,000 for the calendar year in which the Local Services Tax is levied.

An annual upfront exemption certificate

Each political subdivision levying the Local Services Tax shall also exempt the following persons from the Local Services Tax:

  • Any person who is an honorably discharged veteran with 100% service-connected disability.
  • Any person on active duty.

Employers shall be responsible for retaining a copy of all exemption certificates filed by employees within a given calendar year for a minimum of three years. Employers who have failed to withhold the Local Services Tax from an employee or employees, and do not have copies of the employee exemption certificate or certificates, will be held responsible for the payment of the Local Services Tax as if the tax had been originally levied against the employer.

Mid-year Local Services Tax Withholding

With respect to a person who claimed an exemption from the Local Services Tax, upon notification to an employer by the person that the person has received earned income and net profits from all sources equal to or in excess of $12,000 in that calendar year or upon an employer’s payment to the person of earned income in an amount equal to or in excess of $12,000 in that calendar year, an employer shall withhold the Local Services Tax from the person as follows:

The employer shall withhold from the person, for the first payroll period after receipt of the notification under the above paragraph, a lump sum equal to the amount of the tax that was not withheld from the person due to the exemption certificate filed by the person, plus the per payroll amount due for that first payroll period.


Comparative Tax Rates

Comparative Millage Rates 2024

Municipality/SDMunicipalSch. Dist.CountyTotal
Mt. Lebanon / Mt. Lebanon S.D.4.5027.624.7336.85
Bethel Park / Bethel Park S. D.2.7824.55264.7332.0626
Upper St. Clair / Upper St. Clair S. D.3.8329.63394.7338.1939
Dormont / Keystone Oaks S. D.10.9720.48564.7336.1856
Scott Twp / Chartiers Valley S. D.5.171120.19094.7330.092
City of Pittsburgh8.0610.254.7323.04
Whitehall/Baldwin-Whitehall S.D.4.4223.854.7333
South Fayette/South Fayette S.D.4.7326.74.7336.16
Baldwin Borough/Baldwin-Whitehall S.D.6.7823.854.7335.36
Rates will be updated by August 1st for current tax years.

Comparative EIT Rates 2023

Municipality/SDMunicipalSch. Dist.Total
Mt. Lebanon / Mt. Lebanon S.D..8.51.3
Bethel Park / Bethel Park S. D..9.51.4
Upper St. Clair / Upper St. Clair S. D..8.51.3
Dormont / Keystone Oaks S. D..5.51.0
Scott Twp / Chartiers Valley S. D..5.51.0
City of Pittsburgh1.02.03.0
Whitehall/Baldwin-Whitehall S.D.
South Fayette/South Fayette S.D..5.51.0
Baldwin Borough/Baldwin-Whitehall S.D..5.51.0