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Littleleaf Linden

Common Name: Littleleaf Linden         

Scientific Name: Tilia cordata 

Location: Main Park, between rink and play areas.

Size: 14.5 inches diameter at breast height

Littleleaf Linden, "Tilia cordata" location on map

Native to: Europe, Southwestern Asia

This tree typically grows to:  50-70 feet tall and 35-50 feet wide 

This tree prefers these conditions:  Medium soil; full sun to part shade; adaptable

Special about this tree:  

  • Fragrant pale yellow flowers in June.
  • Flowers attract pollinators, including butterflies and bees. The entire tree can seem to buzz with bees during peak flowering season.
  • Flowers dangle from leaf-like bract.
  • Shiny, dark green leaves, about 3 inches long, create dense shade.
  • Reddish hairs appear at base of the back of the leaf in this species of linden.
  • Fall color is undistinguished yellow-green
  • This tree can tolerate urban conditions such as pollution, heat island effect, compacted soils.