People hang out in the park

Parks & Recreation


Mt. Lebanon has an excellent park system with something for everyone: Quiet, rustic waterways for reflection, hiking trails, playgrounds, sports courts and lush tree canopies.

See the list of parks on the link list to the right or check out this park system map to locate the greenspace nearest you.

Wanna get REAL in-depth even from within the parks on your phone? Click on this interactive GIS map and you’ll be transported into the parks. You should be able to pull this up on your phone and use it to identify areas while in the parks. You can turn the grids and other features off in the layer list. If you click inside of a grid the popup indicates the grid ID and the park that you’re in. Even trails and trees are in here!

Simply click on the “layers” icon in the upper right hand corner and you’ll be able to set filters.