A closeup of the front of the Mt. Lebanon municipal building.


Public Information

the coveres of three Mt. Lebanon Magazine issues.

The public information office connects you with everything in Mt. Lebanon. We strive to get accurate, timely information to you in the ways you most want to receive it.

Here’s a list of just some of the services we provide

  • Writes material for the municipal website (Yes! The one you’re on right now!)
  • Runs nine social media accounts
  • Produces the Seven Ten email newsletter
  • Sends LeboALERTS, our text and email notification system
  • Sends LeboEmergency alerts, via text, email and phone call during life-threatening emergencies
  • Works in tandem with our first responders to provide critical communication during emergency events
  • Encourages residents to participate in local government
  • Fields inquiries from the public
  • Fosters a sense of community
  • Plans special events that educate / spotlight the community and its residents
  • Promotes Mt. Lebanon as a great place to live and work 
  • Provides public relations, marketing and design services to other municipal departments
  • Publishes municipal publications, brochures and reports
  • Contributes to the municipal cable channels
  • Oversees all use of the municipal logo/mark, other copyrighted municipal materials and branded products. Partner organizations, sponsors or groups wishing to use logos and other copyrighted materials must receive written permission.

Press Room/News Releases

  • coming soon

Cable Channels

Comcast Cable Channels

  • Public Access – 21
  • Government Access – 95 (Emergency information)
  • School District — 98

Verizon Cable Channels

  • Public Access – 35
  • Government Access – 34 (Emergency information and school closings)

Government Cable Bulletin Board

Mt. Lebanon’s government access channel, broadcasts a bulletin board of government and community events.

Commission Regular Meetings Schedule

Commission Meetings are Broadcast on Comcast 95 and Verizon 34 according to the following schedule:

Tuesday7 p.m.
Wednesday2 p.m.
Thursday10 a.m.
Friday10 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Monday5 p.m.
Commission meeting broadcast schedule

Commission Discussion Meetings Schedule

Commission Discussion Meetings are Broadcast on Comcast 95 and Verizon 34 according to the following schedule:

Tuesday5 p.m.
Wednesday3 p.m.
Thursday8 a.m.
Friday8 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Monday3 p.m.
Commission discussion meeting broadcast schedule

Meetings will air as soon as available. There may be a delay to allow for meetings to be processed.

Public Cable Bulletin Board

Mt. Lebanon’s public access channel, broadcasts a bulletin board of broad community interests and events.

Submit an item to our bulletin board by filling out Cable Channel bulletin form. Forms also are available at the municipal building customer service center, Mt. Lebanon Library or by calling (412) 343-3644 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Items may also be submitted for broadcasting.


  • The organization must be nonprofit.
  • Messages must be submitted four days prior to the desired start date
  • Messages can run for up to two weeks
  • No more than two items per organization will be aired simultaneously
  • Items regarding ongoing community programs must be resubmitted after two weeks
  • Items are subject to verification, editing and reformatting

Please note: The bulletin board may occasionally be suspended for programming of a municipal nature.


Cable Service Problems & Questions

Municipality of Mt. Lebanon administers the nonexclusive franchise agreements that allow both Comcast and Verizon to operate locally. If you have service problems or want to receive cable, contact Comcast at (800)COMCAST or Verizon at (888) GET-FIOS.