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Black Gum

Common Name: Black Gum               

Scientific Name: Nyssa sylvatica

Location: Spalding Circle – six trees planted to form grove 

Size: 2 inches diameter at breast height

Map of where to find Black Gum, Nyssa sylvatica

Native to: Eastern U.S.

This tree typically grows to:  30 to 50 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide

This tree prefers these conditions:  Full sun to part shade, medium to wet soils

Special about this tree:  

  • Glossy dark green leaves turn spectacular red, yellow and burgundy in fall.
  • Tolerates wet soils.
  • Flowers are not very showy, but attract pollinators.
  • Female trees produce dangling berries that turn midnight-blue in fall and winter, and attract birds.
  • Really beautiful medium size tree.
  • Can be difficult to transplant, so choose your site well for mature size.