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Inspections, Permits & Zoning

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The Inspection Office oversees all residential and commercial construction in Mt. Lebanon, both new construction and remodeling. We review plans for code compliance and issue building permits. The Inspection Office also inspects properties for compliance with the building, grading, health and safety, minimum property standards, solid waste and zoning chapters of the Mt. Lebanon Code.

Application for permission to develop land permit papers

Building Permit Requirements

Do not proceed with work without a permit. If work proceeds without a permit, the owner may be subject to fines determined by the magisterial district judge. Obtain a permit before beginning construction, alteration, replacing or repairing an existing structure. If you have any questions regarding the requirement of a building permit, the permit process, applications or Fee Schedule, please call the Inspection Office Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 412-343-3408. ALL COMMERCIAL PROJECTS REQUIRE PERMITS.

The Building Permit Application Process

Applications for various permits are available on myLebo, or can be downloaded from this website or picked up from the Mt. Lebanon Inspections Office, 710 Washington Road, second floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15228 between 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may also drop off completed applications and the required documents at this location.

Read the application thoroughly and carefully, and follow the instructions.

Zoning permits and some construction projects require a property survey. A property survey is a certified dimensioned drawing of property and improvements on the property. The Mt. Lebanon Inspection Office does not have surveys for each property. We only obtain them when they have been required for a permit and in which the property owner has provided it.

Generally residential building permits can be issued within 15 business days and commercial permits within 30 days. Zoning permits (e.g., air conditioning unit, driveway, fence, shed) are issued within 30 days. Once the building or zoning inspector reviews and approves the application, you will be notified by email and/or phone that the permit is ready and the total amount due. The permit and a copy of the approved plans can then be picked up in the inspections office on the second floor of the municipal building between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, the exact change in cash or a check made out to Mt Lebanon, PA.


If your construction project requires the use of a dumpster, placing it on the street requires a permit; please call Police Traffic Division at 412-343-4086 for details. Placing a dumpster on your property does not require a permit. Dumpsters shall not encroach onto any municipal sidewalk.

Permit Application Information

Building Permit – Residential Application

You must get a permit before beginning construction, alteration, replacing or repairing an existing structure, including (but not limited to): Additions, decks, hot tubs, structural roof repairs and window replacements. If you have any questions regarding the requirement of a building permit, the permit process, applications or Fee Schedule, please call the Inspection Office Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 412-343-3408.

You will find a list of applications below. Each application includes a checklist so you can be sure you are submitting all needed paperwork. Doing so will speed up your permit process.

Building Permit – Commercial Application

Certificate of Occupancy and Use Application

A Certificate of Occupancy is required for any of the following:

  • Any change in use of a nonconforming use
  • Change in use of an existing building
  • Occupancy and use of a building hereafter erected or enlarged (ex. additions, four season enclosed porch)

No occupancy of a building shall take place until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. In a case of undue hardship, the administrator may issue a temporary or partial Certificate of Occupancy for any building or structure, provided the administrator finds that the site development requirements are essentially completed, but that due to unavoidable delays, they cannot be entirely completed as required in a reasonable time.

Demolition Permit Application

A Demolition Permit is required for commercial or residential demolitions. Prior to obtaining the permit, written release from all utility companies that services have been disconnected is required and, where applicable, an asbestos exemption / abatement certificate shall also be required for all commercial buildings. As per the Statewide Building Code (UCC).

Driveway/Parking Pad Permit Application

For a new or replacing a driveway you will need a Driveway/Parking Pad Permit. Consider the benefits of permeable pavement when adding parking areas. Two copies of your property survey marked where the driveway is located is also required.

Fence Permit Application

A Fence Permit is required for a new fence or replacing one. In addition to the application, provide two copies of your property survey indicating the area to be fenced.

The zoning ordinance regulates the height of fencing. In single-family residential districts, fences up to six feet are permitted in side and rear yards. Fences are not permitted in front yards. No solid fences are permitted. Shadowbox fences up to four feet in height are permitted. Other styles of fences are also permitted. A fence can be erected on the property line. Additional fence regulations can be found in Section 808, Chapter 20.

Front Porch/Stairs

A building permit is required for new, replacement or alterations to the means of egress pathway from the front door of the dwelling to the public way/street, per the state building code. This ensures there is a safe, code-compliant way for you and your family, as well as the public, to safety come and go from the home. Proposed step height, tread and landing depths are needed to determine compliance. Also, guards and handrails on elevated surfaces are very important and require a permit. A front porch may protrude into the front yard no more than 10 feet, per the zoning ordinance.

Grading Permit Application

Home Occupation Application

A Home Occupation Permit is required before a home occupation can begin operation. Mt. Lebanon Municipality allows home occupations in residential zoning districts. A home occupation is an occupation or business activity which results in a product or service and is conducted in part of a dwelling unit.

Outdoor Seating

Info to come

Outdoor Seating Application – Update coming soon


A zoning permit is required for grading level, new replacement or additions to existing patios. If the patio is part of the required means of egress from a dwelling, a building permit may be required. Zoning compliance is checked as part of the review process, as patios shall not be any closer than 5 feet to the property lines, and they must comply with both the zoning ordinance and the stormwater management ordinance if they exceed more than 500 square feet in new impervious area.

POD Permit Application

PODs are considered an accessory use in any residential district and are regulated under the zoning ordinance. To assist in moving into or out of a dwelling, you may use PODs for 10 days without the need for a permit, if the PODs are placed in compliance with the ordinance. PODs are prohibited from being placed on the street or in a location that blocks the public sidewalk. After a 10-day period or for the use other than moving, a permit is required for POD use or placement.

Pool Installation Permit Application

A Pool Installation Permit is required for all above ground and in-ground swimming pools. Along with the application, provide two copies of your property survey showing the location of the pool. A fence permit may be required. Any questions regarding your specific project, contact the building inspector at 412-343-3468. View the State Code requirements. An electrical permit and inspections are obtained and preformed by Middle Department Inspection Agency at 1-800-362-6342. 2014 (NFPA 70) National Electric Code. In addition, an annual operation permit and safety inspection is required for all private swimming pools in Mt Lebanon. The property owner will receive a letter from the Inspections Office for payment and will be notified when the safety inspection will occur. See Inspections fee schedule for cost of annual operation permit.

Porch Enclosures

Porch Enclosures are regulated under both the building code and the zoning ordinance; therefore, a building permit is required for proposed enclosures. They can be installed in two ways: as a three-season room or a fully occupied addition, depending on the proposed construction.

Kitchen/Bathroom Remodels

For single family dwellings, proposed kitchen and bath remodels involving structural alterations such as new or changed headers; boring and notching into structural joists, rafters, and studs; and all other kitchens and baths, require a building permit. This is to ensure all alterations are code compliant and safe. Allegheny Health Department, Plumbing Division, requires a separate permit and inspection(s) under their plumbing code.

Residential New Construction

For new proposed dwellings, zoning compliance is the first course of action. This is to ensure compliance with the residential building standards of the zoning ordinance. After zoning compliance is approved, a building permit application can be filed. Permit submissions are reviewed for compliance with the statewide building code and for compliance with other local ordinances such as the stormwater management and grading ordinances. Most new dwellings will require a developer’s agreement to be entered into and securities posted with the municipality, to ensure completion of the proposed improvements. An operation and maintenance agreement will also be required for new stormwater management systems.  

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls greater than two feet in height require a Building Permit. Walls greater than four feet in height require engineering drawings. With the application, submit two copies of your property survey marked with the location of the wall.


A Building Permit is required for any storage shed. With the application, submit two copies of your property survey showing the location of the proposed construction. Storage sheds are not allowed in a front setback. All sheds must meet setback requirements, 5 feet from property line.

Sign Permit Application

All new or modified signs, even painted signs, require a Sign Permit. Illuminated signs also require an electrical permit. The municipality’s zoning code limits the number, types and sizes of signs allowed. If you have any specific questions about sign regulations, please call 412-343-3468.

Temporary signs require a permit from the Inspections Office. Flotation devices are not allowed as signs. Temporary window signs do not need permits, but may not cover more than 25 percent of the area of each window.

Signs shall not be placed on any public or private sidewalk. No sign shall physically or visually obstruct or impede pedestrian or vehicular movement. Signs shall not be placed on any fence, telephone pole or traffic control device.

Real estate open house signs may be placed in the right of way as follows: Open house directional signs shall be permitted, not exceeding 3 square feet in area and 30 inches in height. Such signs shall be placed in public view only on the day of the open house and no sooner than one hour before the open house. Such signs must be removed no later than one hour after the conclusion of the open house. Only one sign per intersection is allowed for each open house. Open house direction signs may be placed on private property with the property owner’s permission, or on unpaved, unlandscaped or unimproved public right of way areas. Such signs shall not impede or obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic and shall not obstruct motor vehicle drivers’ free and clear vision of other vehicles or traffic signals and signs.

Commercial Building Permit Application (for all signage regulated under the statewide building code)

Sign Permit Application (for all other signage)

Sump Pumps/ Interior Drain Systems

A building permit is required for proposed or replaced subfloor drainage systems, to ensure compliance with the building code and the uncontrolled stormwater ordinance. Since the basement floors is a structural component of a dwelling by providing lateral support to the foundation walls, the replacement thickness is inspected for compliance at a minimum of 3½ inches thick. Also, we ensure compliance with the proposed sump pump discharges of said systems. Proposed discharges are prohibited from discharging to the street or towards or onto a neighboring property, or causing a nuisance and must be at least 10 feet from any property line.

Solar Panels

A building permit is required for proposed roof or ground mounted solar panels. Applications are reviewed for compliance with the statewide building code and the requirements within our zoning ordinance. A stamped design will be required from a Pennsylvania design professional, showing compliance with the above requirements.

Wall Anchors/ Push Piers

A building permit is required for proposed wall anchors and push piers. Since these types of pre-engineered products are installed to structurally support or alter existing foundations, they require compliance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and test reports. Most will require a Pennsylvania design professional, design their proposed placement. This may also include carbon fiber foundation straps, if structurally fastened or anchored to the existing dwelling structure. All exterior anchors or piers shall not be installed upon neighboring properties or within any easements or rights-of-ways.

Zoning Variance Application

Inspectors wearing hardhats and construction vests taking a a photo of a vent

Building Inspections

Inspections are required after obtaining building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits. There are several types of inspections required for new construction. The electrical, plumbing and mechanical inspections consist of a rough-in inspection and a final inspection.

Construction inspections may be obtained by calling (412) 343-3408. Requests for inspections cannot be left on voicemail. If no one answers, please call back. Inspections are made twice daily Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. All requests for inspections should be telephoned in before the above hours. When requesting an inspection please have the correct address and type of inspection ready.

Please note: If you plan to sell your home, make sure all inspections have been completed. Open permits can delay the process, as lien letters will not be issued if permits are open.

Footer Inspection

A footer inspection is required before concrete is poured. All reinforcing bar and supports must be in place for the inspection. All footings must be on virgin ground at least three (3) feet below finished grade. For any new construction, a foundation survey is required before placing the structure.

Pre-Lath Requirements

The rough framing inspection is done after the electrical inspection and the plumbing rough-in, but before installing insulation or interior covering.

Electrical Inspection

National Electrical Code
An electrical inspection is needed depending upon the project. It is required for the installation of new electrical service equipment, existing service relocation, service increases, as well as fixed appliances and equipment connections. Information may be obtained by contacting Middle Department Inspection Agency, 1 (800) 362-6342. Proof of approval is sent to the Mt. Lebanon Inspection Office.

Plumbing Inspection

Allegheny County Plumbing Code

Plumbing inspections are done by the Bureau of Environmental Health. Contact Allegheny County Plumbing at (412) 922-6173. Proof of approval is sent to the Mt. Lebanon Inspection Office.

Storm Water

Storm water from roof and area drains shall not drain into any sanitary sewer. All drainage work must be inspected before it is covered. Please call the Inspection Office at (412) 343-3408.

Insulation Inspection

An insulation inspection is required after the framing inspection has been approved.

Drywall/Wallboard Inspection

Drywall inspection is required prior to mudding/finishing to ensure fastening methods.

Final Inspection

When necessary, a certificate of occupancy application is filed at the same time as the application for a building permit. A final certificate of occupancy is released by the building inspector before the building or an addition can be occupied.

A construction worker and man shaking hands

Code Enforcement Officer

You may contact the code enforcement officer weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you have questions regarding compliance with the code, violations or assistance concerning a citation you have received or wish to report a violation, call the code enforcement officer at (412) 343-4584. The code officer enforces the health and safety ordinance by inspecting all related structures to ensure compliance with the Chapter 7 maintenance code, the Health and Safety code and issues notices of violations as required.

Considering renovating, repairing or expanding your home?

Check out our Historic Home page, including the Mt. Lebanon Design Guide, a great resource for making good choices that will enhance the architectural style of your home and build value. Good information on roofs, doors, windows, porches, masonry, landscaping, lighting and many other things. The page also includes information on how to select a contractor.

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Norway rats, the most common pest rodent in this area, are semi-aquatic by habit and are frequently found living in close association with man.

Helpful Tips

  • Homeowners, especially those living in close proximity to a drainage ditch or stream, are urged to keep yard areas neatly cut and trimmed.
  • Pet owners are urged to give their pets only the amount of food that they will consume at a single feeding, and to clean up after their pets on a daily basis.
  • Store garbage in 20-30 gallon cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Firewood should be stored at least six inches off the ground. Bird feeders will contribute to a rat infestation problem.

Report Rodents & Request an Inspection Visit

To report rodent harbor-ages please call Code Enforcement at (412) 343-4584.

Additional information on Rodent Control and Pesticide Hypersensitivity

Rat poison: This method of pest control can take several days to kill a rat, during which time, the rat can be consumed by other predator animals. The poison then harms those predators, including hawks, owls and foxes. Those very animals help keep the rodent population under control, so we have a vested interest in keeping the predators healthy. Please consider using rat control products that are not poison, such as RatX Bait Discs.