The T on the rail tracks coming out of a tunnel, approaching the Mt. Lebanon stop.

Roads & Transportation

Traffic Calming

Residents can request changes to streets to help mitigate certain traffic concerns, such as excessive speed or volume. Tools we’ve used include speed humps, improved road markings or parking changes. Such changes must be considered carefully and thoughtfully, to avoid shifting a problem from one street to a neighboring street.

Yellow sign with words "Speed Hump"

The traffic board is usually the first stop for residents requesting such action. It also would be helpful to read about Mt. Lebanon’s traffic management program.

Recent traffic calming projects

Arden Road, 2023

Contractor: Niando Construction, cost $194,386

  1. Realignment of Arden Road at Beverly Road
  2. Speed hump at 286/287 Arden Road
  3. Raised island / pedestrian crossing upgrades / pavement marking upgrades at Overlook intersection
  4. Speed hump at 406/409 Arden Road
  5. Speed hump at 421/424 Arden Road
  6. Traffic circle at McCann Place intersection
  7. Restrict left turns from Arden Road onto Cochran Road

Arden at McCann

Arden at Overlook