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Eastern White Pine

Common Name:  Eastern White Pine

Scientific Name: Pinus strobus   

Location: Main Park above Rec Center

Size: 19 inches diameter at breast height

Eastern white pine, Pinus strobus map of location

Native to:  Northeastern North America

This tree typically grows to:  50-80 feet tall and 30 feet wide

This tree prefers these conditions:  Medium soil; full sun to part shade.

Special about this tree:  

  • A native evergreen that looks pretty in all seasons.
  • Fast growing, and tends to develop an irregular crown with “character” as it ages.
  • Branches grow in a horizontal form.
  • Blue-green needles are 5 inches long, soft, and grow in bundles of 5.
  • Pinecones are slender, not prickly, and about 5 inches long
  • Resistant to deer browse.