A horizontal photo of Washington Road, with cars parked on the side, looking toward Howard Hannah.



Commercial Recycling

Mt. Lebanon’s recycling program, which is mandated by Act 101, Pennsylvania’s Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act, requires commercial, municipal and institutional establishments within a municipality to recycle aluminum, high grade office paper and corrugated paper. Per Section 304(f) of Act 101, an annual recycling report indicating the tonnage of materials recycled during the previous year is to be submitted to the municipality. These reports are included in the municipality’s annual report to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which requires a weight breakdown of each recyclable. For more information, contact Micki Cantine at (412) 343-3403.

Here are some Dumpster tips.


Mt. Lebanon’s official magazine, Mt. Lebanon Magazine, is published 10 times a year by the municipality. As part of its mission, the magazine covers news about our businesses. Mt. Lebanon Magazine writes about every new business opened in Mt. Lebanon or opened by a Mt. Lebanon resident, and it covers newsworthy items about existing businesses (expansions, significant anniversaries, rebranding, new product lines, awards, significant new hires, etc.)

Reach out to Mt. Lebanon Magazine by calling (412) 343-3407 or emailing Editor in Chief Laura Pace Lilley. The magazine also sells advertising to reach even more potential business patrons.

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