A horizontal photo of Washington Road, with cars parked on the side, looking toward Howard Hannah.


Commercial Districts

The Commercial Districts/Economic Development Office has many functions, all to enhance our business climate and create opportunities for business owners and consumers.


Mt. Lebanon’s Commercial Districts Office provides support services to the community’s three main business districts and the related business and professional associations—Washington Road, Beverly Road and Castle Shannon Boulevard.

Volunteers are often needed to help with projects in the commercial districts, ranging from beautification projects to special events.


The office works to attract and retain a lively mix of retail stores, restaurants and professional offices, helps prospective commercial tenants find appropriate space, works with the business community on promotions and special events, and initiates programs and policies that keep the business districts clean, safe, accessible and attractive.

It also works closely with the Planning, Inspection and Commercial Districts offices to promote commercial, residential and mixed-use development that is consistent with Mt. Lebanon’s strategic and comprehensive land use plans.

The office works to provide incentives for development and is available to help prospective developers move through the planning process.

This position also serves as liaison to the Mt. Lebanon Partnership, a nonprofit development corporation.