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Common Name:  Sweet Gum    

Scientific Name: Liquidambar styraciflua   

Location:  Church Place Park

Size: Sapling

Sweet Gum, "Liquidambar styraciflua" location on map

Native to: Eastern U.S.

This tree typically grows to: 60-80 feet tall and 40-60 feet wide 

This tree prefers these conditions:  Medium soil; full sun.

Special about this tree:  

  • Spectacular fall color, often yellow, peach, orange, burgundy and red all on one tree.
  • Glossy dark green leaves in summer. When crushed, they smell like resin.
  • Female trees produce 1.5-inch round, prickly gum balls, which are no fun to step on, so these trees are best planted away from sidewalks. (Fruitless cultivars are available.)
  • Mainly resistant to deer.