A horizontal view of people sitting on chairs in the park, with a tent over the basketball court, waiting for a concert.



We LOVE maps! Here’s a page filled with lots of them. Enjoy.

Want some of your own?

Mt. Lebanon Municipality offers a community street map showing schools, community buildings, facilities and parks.

The map may also be picked up at the Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building, 710 Washington Road, at the Customer Service Center on the first floor.

GIS Maps

A variety of maps are available to the public through the GIS office. Maps include zoning, transitional overlay, street addresses, schools and parks. If you wish to request a map fill out the map request form and submit it to the GIS office, or drop off the completed form at the Customer Service Center, 710 Washington Road.

Map sizes range from smaller than 11-by-17 inches, at $15 each, to larger than 17-by-22 inches, at $30 each.

Community Maps

Park Trail Maps