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European Larch

Common Name:  European Larch       

Scientific Name:  Larix decidua   

Location: Main Park, above great lawn between the play areas.

Size: 19 inches diameter at breast height

European Larch, Larix decidua map of location

Native to:  Central and Southern Europe

This tree typically grows to:  60-100 feet tall and 20-30 feet wide 

This tree prefers these conditions:  Medium soil; full sun; cooler temperatures; room to grow

Special about this tree:  

  • Though this tree has needled leaves, it is not an evergreen.
  • Soft needles, which grow in tufts, turn golden in autumn, then fall from the tree.
  • Resistant to deer browse
  • This tree doesn’t like air pollution and does like space, making it a good species to plant in large yards or parks.