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How to register for an account

Create an Account- If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one by clicking the orange “Create New Account” button and following the instructions. Add any family members and save your work.

image of creating a new recreation registration account

Login- Make sure you are logged into your account. You must be logged in to purchase memberships, register for activities or upload documents.

image of logging into a recreation registration account

Upload Documents- This is needed for a Pool or Tennis Membership. Press the “Account” button to go to your account.

image of logging into a recreation registration account

Select “Documents” and a family member. Add any necessary documentation under each person. (Photos will be added for each member during the actual purchase). Adults will need a driver’s license or state ID. Please name files by first and last name of the person they are for, and the kind of document. For example, Jane Smith ID, or John Smith Document. Save after each document. Continue until you have completed all family members needing a membership.

image of adding documents to  a recreation registration account

Purchase Membership- Click “Register” then “Purchase or Renew a Membership.”

image of purchasing a recreation membership registration account

Click “Purchase Membership or Punch Pass.”

image of membership or pass purchase of a recreation registration account

Below click the caret to open the dropdown menu and select the type of membership you want to purchase.

image of recreation registration account
membership types

Make sure you have selected the family members that you want to be on the membership. Click the “Upload” button next to each one and add a photo. You can even select a family portrait and select the correct person’s face. Please avoid photos with hats and sunglasses, and make sure the face is large enough to identify. Then click the green “Select this Membership” button.

image of adding family to a recreation registration account

Select Purchaser of Membership- This should be a parent/head of household.

image of purchaser registration of a recreation registration account

Agree to terms and conditions, add to cart and checkout. You will receive your receipt via email. A staff member will contact you when your membership is approved.

Image of Terms of a recreation registration account