Firefighter teaching fire safety at school

Fire Department


What I learned today:

First visit –

  • We learned about the two kinds of fires—helpful fires and harmful fires.
  • An example of a helpful fire would be a fire in your fireplace on a cold winter day.
  • An example of a harmful fire would be a couch on fire in our home.
  • A working smoke alarm can tell us if there is a harmful fire in a building. It sounds like it’s going “LEAVE! LEAVE! LEAVE!
  • Our job if there is a harmful fire inside our home is to get outside with our family and meet by the street where the firefighters can see us. We call this the meeting place.
  • We picked out a few good meeting spots for a meeting place in a LEGO neighborhood.
  • After school, we needed to talk to our family about picking a meeting place at home, so everyone knows what to do and where to go.

Second Visit –

  • We reviewed what we learned during the last visit.
  • We then talked about tools and toys. Tools help us do a job. Toys help us play.
  • We then talked about how some tools are for everyone, such as a comb, and that other tools, like an electric saw, are only for adults.
  • We talked about very dangerous adult tools —matches and lighters.
  • We learned that if we find matches or a lighter we LEAVE IT THERE and TELL AN ADULT!
  • We were assigned homework: To make our family check the smoke alarms in our homes. The fire department will even come help us, and give us one if we don’t have any, for FREE!

To find out more about our smoke detector program, click HERE.

Kids who want to learn more about fire safety can go to: Sparky’s Website!