Firefighter teaching fire safety at school

Fire Department


What I learned today:

First visit –

  • We learned about the two kinds of fires—helpful fires and harmful fires.
  • An example of a helpful fire would be a fire in your fireplace on a cold winter day.
  • An example of a harmful fire would be a couch on fire in our home.
  • A working smoke alarm can tell us if there is a harmful fire in a building where we are. It sounds like it’s going “LEAVE! LEAVE! LEAVE!
  • Our job if there is a harmful fire inside our home is to get outside with our family and meet by the street where the firefighters can see us. We call that the meeting place.
  • We picked out a few good meeting spots for a meeting place in a LEGO neighborhood.
  • After school, we needed to talk to our family about picking a meeting place at home, so weveryone knows what to do and where to go.

Second Visit –

  • We reviewed what we learned during the last visit.
  • We then talked about tools and toys. Tools help us do a job. Toys help us play.
  • We then talked about how some tools are for everyone, such as a comb, and that other tools, like an electric saw, are only for adults.
  • We talked about very dangerous adult tools —matches and lighters.
  • We learned that if we find matches or a lighter we LEAVE IT THERE and TELL AN ADULT!