Rolls of fire hose

Fire Department


The Training Division makes sure all Mt. Lebanon firefighters have the highest level of knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out the department’s mission.

The department’s training program meets or exceeds industry standards for training, while staying on the cutting edge of the latest technology and techniques. In 2021, staff completed close to 9,000 hours of training.

The training division is responsible for training new recruits, incumbent members, apparatus operators, fire officers, and continuing education for emergency medical services. The division also supervises monthly shift training and weekly department drills.

Fourteen members are certified as state fire instructors by the State Fire Academy.. The department is a certified Blue Card Incident Command Training Center, providing fire ground command training to our staff as well as those from outside agencies.

In addition to internal training, the department works with several external training agencies, including the Allegheny County Fire Academy, the Community College of Allegheny County, Bucks County Community College, the Emergency Medical Services Institute and the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy.

The department is recognized as a “Gold Level” participating department through the Pennsylvania Voluntary Professional Certification Program, which requires all suppression staff to be certified to a minimum of Fire Fighter I. The department; however, has an even stricter standard , requiring all firefighters to be certified to the minimum level of Fire Fighter II. Many members have additional certifications in advanced disciplines totaling 522 Pro-Board Certifications.