Rolls of fire hose

Fire Department

ISO Rating

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) evaluates public fire-protection services and classifies a community’s ability to suppress fires.

The Public Protection Classification system provides an objective, national standard that helps fire departments in plan and budget for facilities, equipment and training. And by securing lower fire insurance premiums for communities with better public protection, the PPC program provides incentives and rewards for communities that choose to improve their firefighting services.

The department received an ISO Class 1 rating during its latest evaluation, in August 2013. Mt. Lebanon is one of only three departments in Pennsylvania, and one of only approximately 200 nationally, to have achieved this status. The department had a Class 3 rating from 1988-2013.

2013 ISO Evaluation

Receiving & Handling Fire AlarmsMaximum CreditCredit Received
Dispatch Circuits3.001.72
Total – Receiving & Handling Alarms10.006.33
Fire DepartmentMaximum CreditCredit Received
Engine Companies6.005.99
Reserve Pumpers0.500.00
Pump Capacity3.003.00
Ladders/Service Units4.004.00
Reserve Ladder / Service Units0.500.00
Deployment Analysis10.008.25
Company Personnel15.0011.16
Total – Fire Department50.0042.46
Water SupplyMaximum CreditCredit Received
Supply System30.0029.66
Inspection & Flow Testing7.007.46
Total – Water Supply40.0039.66
Community Risk ReductionMaximum CreditCredit Received
Prevention, Education, Investigation5.505.30
Total – Risk Reduction5.505.30
Divergence -2.85