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Fire Department

After The Fire Resources

When fire strikes, lives are suddenly turned around.

Often, the hardest part is knowing where to begin and who to contact. We use the After the Fire Program to help residents cope with disaster and begin the recovery process.

A fire in a home can cause serious damage. The building and many of the things in the home can be badly damaged by flames, heat, smoke and water. Things the fire did not burn are ruined by smoke and soggy with water used to put out the flames. Anything to be saved or reused will need to be carefully cleaned. The firefighters may have cut holes in the walls of the building to look for any hidden flames. They may even have cut holes in the roof to let out the heat and smoke. Cleanup will take time and patience. 

To help with the first few, difficult days, the After the Fire Brochure explores some steps to take to assist in recovery.