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Cooking Fire Safety

The bad news is that more than half of all fires in the home start in the kitchen as unattended cooking, causing almost half of all fire injuries.

The good news is that we can easily prevent these fires by staying with all cooking.

Frying foods have the most potential to start a fire. Learn the danger here:

and get prevention tips:

The best way to put out a grease fire in a skillet is to take away the oxygen. Smother the flames by putting a lid on the pan, turning off the heat—and don’t touch it until it cools. Never take a burning pot outside and NEVER use water to try to put out a grease fire!

If in doubt, call 911.

Grilling fire safety tips:

If you’re going to use turkey fryers, use them outside, away from the house and NOT on decks or porches. Do not overfill the fryer with oil—it can spill and start a fire. Make sure your turkey is thawed. Putting a frozen or partially frozen turkey in a fryer will cause steam to expand and push the oil out, which can burn you or start a fire.

William Shatner has a few words about turkey fryers:

Last but not least, check your smoke detectors every month!