Grill of fire engine with American flag

Fire Department

Room to Respond

Our trucks are larger; our streets are narrow. Help us keep you safe by following the rules below when parking your vehicle.

Fire engine responding on a narrow road

When parking your car or your guest’s car please consider the following:

  • Park close to the curb.
  • Do not park directly across from other cars; park zigzag.
  • Have guests park in the driveway, if possible.
  • If guests have to park on the road, ask them to park on one side of the road only.
  • Have contractors park off the roadway, if they can. Ask them to be respectful of traffic patterns and safety.
  • Do not park withing 20 feet of an intersection, as per the vehicle code.
  • Do not park illegally at an intersection using flashers; you will be cited.
  • Do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, as per the vehicle code.

Additional information on parking can be found here.