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The Investigative Services Unit (ISU) investigates more serious crimes committed in Mt. Lebanon based on established criteria regarding solvability, resources and threat to our community.  ISU’s primary function is to identify and apprehend criminal offenders.

The investigative process often involves a coordinated effort among local, state and/or federal law enforcement agencies.  Detectives are committed to serving victims and work cooperatively with other units within the police department, other municipal departments and the entire community. Our investigators receive specialized training and maintain expertise in several areas.


The Mt. Lebanon Police Department is a member of the Ohio/Western Pa HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) and works directly in conjunction with the Allegheny County Police Department through a collaborative approach to drug enforcement. This association increases the availability of staff, equipment, and financial resources to help combat illicit drug distribution and money laundering. Officers have recovered various kinds of illegal and pharmaceutical drugs from undercover purchases and search warrant executions. The officers seize narcotics, contraband, money, vehicles, and other personal property. This assistance and funding are invaluable to MLPD in conducting various types of drug investigations, to include drug delivery resulting in death.


The MLPD employs a detective who specializes in investigating and prosecuting juvenile offenses. The juvenile detective has expert training in the distinctive features of the juvenile justice system and the psychological intricacies unique to the criminal behavior of minors.

Property and financial crimes

Most investigations by the MLPD are related to property or financial crimes, such as burglaries, theft from motor vehicles, credit card frauds and identity theft.

As Internet fraud continues to transform the landscape of financial crime, these crimes require specialty investigations grounded in an advanced and continuously updated understanding of online criminal activity. Because property and financial crimes often cross numerous jurisdictional boundaries, the MLPD collaborates with several task forces on federal, state, and local levels.