Black and white image of a police chief talking with a woman



Police taking fingerprints

Many jobs now require applicants to be cleared through federal or state background checks. As a part of these checks, applicants must have their fingerprints processed by a detective.

Do you need digital fingerprints? Please go through IdentoGO for those and schedule an appointment at various convenient locations.

The MLPD Investigative Services Unit offers ink card fingerprinting services by appointment ONLY on Tuesdays between 8:30 am and 10:00 am at the following rates:

  • For residents, the cost is $20 for the first card and $5 for each additional card.
  • For non-residents, the cost is $25 for each card.

Proof of residency is required, and applicants must provide their own fingerprinting cards. To schedule an ink card fingerprinting appointment, please contact the Investigations Services Unit Secretary at (412) 343-4095.