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police vehicles in traffic

The Traffic Services Unit works to inform and educate the public on safe driving and crash prevention. The Traffic Services Unit is a liaison between the police department and other agencies involved in traffic direction, control and safety.

The unit handles traffic enforcement, fatal and serious crash investigations, driver training, and education. It deals with seizures and towing and handles complaints about abandoned or improperly stored vehicles.

Look Up Lebo

Our Look Up Lebo initiative educates a triad of users: drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to be aware of each other and of traffic rules and safety tips.

DUI Taskforce

The Mt. Lebanon Area DUI Task Force helps keep impaired drivers off the roadways.  In addition to setting up periodic DUI checkpoints, the task force provides education and enforcement activities in Mt. Lebanon and neighboring Baldwin Township, Castle Shannon, Dormont, Green Tree, Bridgeville, South Fayette and Scott.

The program helps police to enforce the DUI laws over an entire area rather than in just one community.  The initiative is funded by grants from PennDOT’s Highway Safety Program and administered by the MLPD.

Truck Inspections

The Motor Carrier Safety Assurance Program helps to keep unsafe trucks off the roadways. Three officers are certified by the federal government as motor carrier inspectors. When a truck is stopped for inspection, the inspectors check the drivers and their records and thoroughly examine the truck. About one of every three trucks inspected has major safety violations that require the truck or its driver to be taken out of service immediately.

Examples of major safety violations include:

  • excessive driving time,
  • faulty brakes,
  • broken suspensions,
  • loose steering mechanisms, and
  • unsecured cargo.