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Animal Control

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The Animal Control Unit is comprised of six full-time animal control officers. They are Mt. Lebanon employees who report to the support services division of the police department. Mt. Lebanon has a cooperative agreement with several other South Hills communities to share the services and costs associated with the program. A kennel for housing animals is maintained in Upper St Clair.

Animal Control officers respond to calls for service of loose, stray, and lost pets. They respond to requests for trapping wild animals such as raccoons and handle ordinance violations relating to roaming or barking dogs and humane animal concerns.

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Get more information on the special types of wild animals we have in Mt. Lebanon here.

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Pet Find

When your pet is lost…
Call 9-1-1 and let them know it is lost.
Check SHCAC Facebook page for photos and descriptions of animals being housed at the SHCAC kennel.

If you find…
A wandering pet, call 9-1-1.

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Pets FAQs

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No dogs are allowed in most municipal parks. Dogs are allowed in Bird Park, Robb Hollow Park and Twin Hills Park, but they must be on leash and be wearing a collar.
Municipal Code Chapter III part 10 section 1001 states that a resident may be cited for a dog that barks for more than 15 minutes, provided there has been a previous warning issued to the owner and the barking is not a result of someone trespassing on the owner’s property. It is preferable that residents try to establish good communication with each other to alleviate conflicts, but if the situation becomes a nuisance, residents may summon police to this non-emergency by calling 911.
All dog owners are obligated to have their pets licensed and inoculated with required shots.
The County Treasurer is tasked with issuing licenses to dogs older than 3 months. The license is renewable annually on the County Treasurer Web site.
Calling 911 will bring the appropriate responders to the scene of a complaint in Mt. Lebanon. The officers will assess the situation and take appropriate action, which may include referral to the local humane officer.
Call 911, and officers will respond to capture the animal if possible.

Here are some strategies that could keep an aggressive dog from attacking you:

  • Try commanding the dog to “sit,” or “stay.” This could give you time to think or even get away.

  • Do not make any sudden movements. Rather, keep your hands down at your sides. This may serve to calm the dog down and show that you are not a threat.

  • Do not turn your back on the dog. Canines often take that as a sign of weakness or an opening to attack. Further, do not run away! That will probably only cause the dog to come after you.

  • Don’t smile. Bared teeth may signify aggression to a dog. Back away slowly once the dog stops paying attention to you.

  • If the dog does attack and the wound is serious, call 911. Dispatchers will send appropriate responders to take a “Bite” report. The officers will assure the offending dog is licensed properly and has current shots. They will also issue a quarantine to the dog owner to ensure the animal is controlled and monitored for infectious diseases.

The number for Animal Control is 911. The line is answered by Allegheny County 911, but they dispatch Animal Control to Mt. Lebanon calls.
The State dog law mandates that owners have control over their dogs at all times. The best way to establish control is with a leash. Animal Control Officers are tasked with enforcing most calls for dogs at large. You can summon the officers by calling 911.