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More Resources

Mt. Lebanon Street Tree List NEED DOC

Tree Pittsburgh’s advice on what to plant where (or not at all!): NEED LINKS

Alternatives to invasive plants, shrubs and vines
restricted trees
Tree Pittsburgh Tree List
open space trees

Please see the following list of resources: NEED LINKS

Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder
Penn State Extension Plant With Care Information
Penn State Extension Ornamental and Deer: Realities and Landscape Plant Options
Penn State Extension Tree & Shrub directory of information
Pittsburgh Urban Forest
Natural Heritage Inventory, Allegheny County
Pittsburgh Street Tree Inventory
TreeVitalize Pittsburgh
Arbor Day Foundation
Tree City USA program
DCNR Invasive Plants

Video: Invasive Species Spotlight: Garlic Mustard

Video: Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater

Step-by-step process video to success in managing stormwater on your property.