A closeup of the front of the Mt. Lebanon municipal building.


Fee Payments

The municipality collects a stormwater management fee and solid waste fee.

Stormwater Management Fee

Each single-family home, duplex, or townhome is charged for 1 equivalent residential unit (“ERU”) for each dwelling unit. All other properties are charged 1 ERU for each 2,400 square feet of impervious surface (hard surfaces including rooftops and pavement), or part thereof. Owners of undeveloped or vacant land are not charged a fee. For more information, please visit our stormwater page.

Solid Waste Fee

Each single-family, duplex or three family dwelling that receives refuse and recycling service from the municipality is charged for 1 residential unit for each dwelling unit.

YearStormwater Management FeeSolid Waste Fee
2024$9.00 per ERU per Month$290 per Residential Unit per Year
2025$10.13 per ERU per Month$316 per Residential Unit per Year
2026$11.39 per ERU per Month$345 per Residential Unit per Year
2027$12.81 per ERU per Month$375 per Residential Unit per Year
2028$14.42 per ERU per Month$410 per Residential Unit per Year

How to view or pay fee online

First time Users

For extra help getting started, watch a ‘getting started’ video here.

Step 1: Register by clicking here.

Step 2: To view or pay your fees online, you will have to link your property to your account created in Step 1. Once logged in, click on the “Link Existing Records” button. The PIDN and Security Code are located on your bill. If you do not have a bill in your possession, please call the tax office at (412) 343-3405 to obtain the PIDN and security code.

Returning Users

Payment Options

  • Online
    • E-Checks (bank account drafts) are FREE
    • Credit Card (Service charge will apply)
  • By Mail
    • Send a check or money order to:
      Mt. Lebanon, PA
      Attn: Storm Water/Solid Waste Fee

      710 Washington Road
      Pittsburgh, PA 15228
  • In Person
    • Ground Floor of the Municipal Building at 710 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15228
      • Check
      • Cash
      • Credit Card (Additional Fee will apply)
  • Dropbox


Fee Billing Mailed by: February 1
2% Discount if paid by: April 30
Face Amount due by: August 31
5% Penalty applied after: August 31

Fee Billing Mailing Address

If you opt for delivery via postal service, please ensure that your owner mailing address on file with Allegheny County is accurate.  You can do so by performing a search for your parcel/address at Allegheny County Real Estate Portal and viewing the owner mailing address located at the bottom of the 1st/General Information Tab.  If the address needs updated, you can either do it online by clicking on “Report Data Errors” at the bottom of the general information tab and filling out the online form.

For more information visit the Allegheny County Website or call Allegheny County directly at 412-350-4100.



Call our office at (412) 343-3405 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or email with questions regarding payments, assistance with setting up online accounts, or to check your balance.