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Garden Plot Program

The garden plot area has a total of 66 plots available for rental. 36 plots are located in the upper area and 30 remaining plots are in the lower area. Plot measurements are approximately 10 feet by 35 feet and the boundaries are identified by markers (stakes).

Garden Plot Reference Map


Garden plots are available to Mt. Lebanon Residents only.

This year’s garden plots are offered to the 2023 garden plot participants first. The past participants are given an opportunity to register for their current garden plot or to ask for another garden plot if available.

On Monday, March 18, 2024 at 5:00 p.m., any remaining plots will be made available online for new gardeners.


The growing season runs from the middle of May through the middle of November.


The Mt. Lebanon Garden Plot Program is located at the Mt. Lebanon Golf Course.

1000 Pine Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15234


Mt. Lebanon Recreation Office
(412) 343-3409



Resident per plot

Important Note

Please review the Garden Plot Rules and Regulations before registering for this program.


2024 Garden Plot Rules and Regulations

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone please observe the following rules and regulations for the garden plot
program. We hope you enjoy your gardening experience.

1. Garden plot measurements are approximately 10’x 35’. The boundaries of each garden plot are identified by markers (stakes). Gardeners are required to limit plantings within the boundaries of their plot. These markers are not to be moved. If any gardener plants beyond the markers, they may have their gardening privileges taken away.
2. Please observe the numbers on the stakes that identify your plot. If you plant in an incorrect plot, you must move to your assigned plot and replant. The diagram included with your application form will also assist you in identifying your plot.
3. ‘Trading’ plots is only possible if approved and transferred through the Recreation Department.
4. Leave the wooden numbered stakes in place for the entire season. They are collected at the end of the year and
5. You may install temporary fencing on your plot provided it does not interfere with neighboring plots, it is installed after the plots have been plowed and it is removed by the end of the season. No-till gardeners may keep temporary fencing installed throughout the off-season provided the gardener is planning to return the next season, and the fence is kept in good condition. The municipality reserves the right to request that fences be removed for maintenance, or any other reason deemed necessary. Fencing that is not removed promptly when requested will be discarded.
6. No later than November 4, please remove any strings, fencing, weed fabric, cages, and all other materials from your plot.
7. There will be two refuse piles, one at the upper plots and one at the lower plots, to discard organic material only. Do not place litter or other debris in these piles.
8. Please do not place or throw anything outside of the fences surrounding the garden plots. If mowed over, hoses, bricks, rocks, sticks, and other debris become dangerous projectiles capable of causing serious injury or damage to equipment. Dispose of litter and inorganic refuse in the dumpsters provided.
9. Gardens must be planted by May 31, 2024. Gardens not planted by this date may be given away to a person on
the waiting list or a neighboring gardener. This will be handled through the recreation department only. Do not
attempt to plant on a plot if you are not properly registered and permitted by the recreation department.
10. Keep weeds under control at all times.
11. Use of streamers, stockpiling of supplies or the accumulation of debris or any other condition that is deemed
to create an unsightly appearance is prohibited.
12. Plots that are not properly maintained, may be mowed and/or given to another individual.
13. Please make every effort to control insects. Natural environmental controls are encouraged. If you must use spray or dust, please do so in strict accordance with instructions for the insect control product used.
14. Pets are not permitted in the garden plot areas, or at the golf course.
15. Get to know your gardening neighbor and look out for each other. This will help discourage vandalism. Also, keep your produce picked. A garden full of ripe “goodies” is an open invitation to thieves.
16. You are liable for your actions. Please treat your garden plot and the surrounding areas as if it were your own property, keeping the area clear of weeds and dangers such as sharp tools and other hazards.
17. When the plots have been plowed, an announcement will be made via email (please provide an email address).
18. Parking is available near the garden plot area. Vehicles are not permitted off the pavement.
19. Vehicles are not permitted on the paved path from the parking lot to the garden plots.
20. When exiting or entering the garden plot area, please be sure to close and fasten the gate. This will help reduce damage to the gate and fencing.
21. If for some reason you are no longer able to maintain your garden plot, please contact the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department at (412)-343-3409 or email .
22. Rules are subject to change without notice.
23. Any participant not abiding by these rules may have their gardening privileges revoked.

Additional Information

Additional registration information:
Online – Register for as many programs as you like with a MasterCard or Visa. Save time by registering online today! You also may register in the office during business hours, 8:30 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Check.

For program cancellations or other important information, sign up for LeboALERT on the myLebo platform and receive text and email notifications. Ensure you select the “cancellations” category. The Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center provides free LeboNet WiFi.