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ID parkland trees to add to the arboretum collection

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  • Head out to a park, taking with you a camera, measuring tape, blank form, a quarter, pencil and clipboard.
  • Find interesting or very large trees (public lands only, please).
  • Fill out one form per tree. Take lots of photos.
  • Submit photos and form via email to Staff Liaison Public Works Director, Rudy Sukal
  • The Parks Advisory Board or Public Works Department will determine if this tree should be in the collection.

Help improve our parks

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  • The Mt Lebanon Nature Conservancy is committed to protecting and improving our greenspaces.
  • Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with park improvement projects such as removing invasive plants, upgrading trails, and planting trees.
  • Follow them on Facebook for updates and visit for more information.

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Municipal Tree Program

Information on how the municipality maintains over 12,000 municipal trees planted along the streets in most neighborhoods in the municipality.