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Got a Ticket?

Mt. Lebanon recently made it easier for you to pay or appeal parking tickets of any type. The new system is more efficient and gives residents better access to due process.

If you wish to appeal the ticket, you may do so online at or by calling 412-343-3705. If you lose your appeal, you will be advised of any further recourse provided to you in the Appeal Process.

An info graphic that reads: "Parking ticket appeal process." In red: Ticket issued. Make a choice. If you chose to pay the ticket, you are done. Your other option is to "Appeal to administrator." Here, there are two options: "You win. You're done." or you're denied and you must make a choice. You can: "Pay it. You're done." or "Request a hearing." If you request a hearing and you win, you're done. If you're denied, you again make a choice: You pay it and you're done or you appeal to Common Pleas Court.

Pay a ticket

If you wish to pay a ticket at any point in the process, you may do so in several ways:

Online (fees may apply)

By mail:

Send send a check or money order to:

Mt. Lebanon Parking Office
710 Washington Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

*Violation number must be included on the check or money order

In person:

Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building, ground floor
710 Washington Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

*Violation number must be included on the check or money order

*8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Collection boxes

Enclose payment (check preferred) with the ticket in an envelope and deposit in the box located in main business areas

Checks should be payable to: Mt. Lebanon, PA

Warning: Vehicles with five or more outstanding parking tickets are subject to towing or booting. Additionally, police and parking enforcement officers have the option of issuing state citations to drivers who have an extensive number of parking tickets. The citations are more expensive and must be appealed through the District Judge.