Transmission Line Clearance

Duquesne Light Transmission Line Vegetation Clearance Activities

From now through mid-October planning contractors from Penn Line Tree Service and Davey Resource Group will be working on behalf of Duquesne Light Company to inspect vegetation, including trees and shrubs, along the transmission lines in Mt. Lebanon. Transmission lines run along the tall metal towers (as opposed to the distribution lines, which are attached to wooden poles on most streets). Distribution line clearing is not part of this project.

The project’s purpose is to support the safe and reliable operation of our electric grid. The contractors will be visiting public property, such as our parks, and private properties where there is an electric company right of way. You likely already know there is a right of way on your property if the transmission lines run above or near your home. If you own your home, it is also something that would have been disclosed to you when you purchased it.

The contractors support a plan called “Right Tree, Right Place,” which seeks to ensure we are still able to have lush green trees in our neighborhoods, but that the selection of this greenery does not physically impede the lines now, or in the future. For that reason, some of the trees removed may not yet be that tall, but that particular species of tree (for example, silver maples) get so tall that they would eventually become an impediment. In fact, it’s possible that shorter trees could be removed while taller trees remain, if those taller trees will not continue to grow to a dangerous point. For a list of trees that Duquesne Light Company approves near power lines, click hereDLC notification door tag Opens in new window.

If your yard contains vegetation that the contractors deem incompatible, the contractors will first attempt to talk to you in person by knocking on your door. They wear ID and uniforms. If you are not home, they will leave a door card with contact information. During the subsequent conversation, either in person or on the phone, the project planner will speak with you about the plans for your property. Trees that need to be pruned will be marked with either spray paint or flags. Yellow marks are for trees that need to be pruned. Blue marks are for trees that must be removed.

Feel free to ask the planner any questions you have about how the work will be done. The actual trimming and removal work is expected to start in September and go into 2023. The planner can also speak with you about Duquesne Light’s nursery replanting program, which pays for trees and shrubs to be replaced in some cases.

Is your street included? 

Streets included in this program are: 

  1. Academy
  2. Anawanda
  3. Ashland
  4. Avon
  5. Bower Hill
  6. Broadmoor
  7. Castle Shannon Blvd.
  8. Cedar
  9. Claravista
  10. Convent
  11. Country Club
  12. Craig Ct.
  13. Crestline
  14. Dillon
  15. Elatan
  16. Firwood
  17. Florida
  18. Fruithurst
  19. Greenhurst
  20. Haverhill
  21. Hazel
  22. Hemlock
  23. Hillaire
  24. Horsman
  25. Ironwood
  26. Jefferson
  27. Jonquil
  28. Lakemont
  29. Larchdale
  30. Lebanon
  31. Lindendale
  32. Locust
  33. Meridian
  34. Miami
  35. Old Farm
  36. Parkside
  37. Pinewood
  38. Poplar
  39. Questend
  40. Ravin
  41. Robb Hollow
  42. Ross Way
  43. Scrubgrass
  44. Sleepy Hollow
  45. Summer Place
  46. Sylvandell
  47. Tampa
  48. Towercrest
  49. Vanderbilt