Voting Information

Mt. Lebanon Wards & Districts

Mt. Lebanon is organized for voting into five wards, with each ward further divided into districts. Commissioners are elected by ward.

School Board

There are nine Board of School Directors elected at large.

State & Federal Districts

Voting Information

For information on voting, polling sites, registration and absentee ballots, sample ballots and voting machine online demonstrations, please call the County Board of Elections at (412) 350-4500 or go to their website Allegheny County Elections Division website .

Voting Poll Locations

Locate Your District - Voting locations are specific to Mt. Lebanon's five wards and many individual districts within those wards. Want to know where to go to cast your ballot? click here. *If you live in Mt. Lebanon, you must type in Pittsburgh as your city.

How to Find a Ward & District

Look up the street address on one of the links below. The Ward and District are listed for each street in Mt. Lebanon.

Additional Information

The League of Women Voters has prepared additional information about federal, state and local elected officials and how to contact them.

Poll Hours

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.