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Boards & Authorities

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Hospital Authority


Once a year in January with additional meetings as needed to approve new financing. Check the municipal calendar for exact dates or updates.
Meeting location: St. Clair Hospital, 1000 Bower Hill Road.
Read agendas and minutes.

Board Members

The Hospital Authority is made up of five members who each serve five-year terms.


  • To increase and improve the health and safety of Mt. Lebanon residents
  • Enhances the health and safety of Mt. Lebanon residents by serving as a funding vehicle to finance improvements to St. Clair Hospital, or any other hospital in the municipality, through the issuance of tax-exempt financing in accordance with the requirements of the Municipalities Authority Act 53 Pa C.S.A, Chapter 56.

Staff Liaison

If you have any questions, please contact staff liaison Municipal Manager Keith McGill at (412) 343-3404.