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Environmental Sustainability Board

This board has sunsetted. This page is for archival purposes only.

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Board Members

The Environmental Sustainability Board is composed of seven members, each serve three-year terms.


  • Advise the Mt. Lebanon Commission on matters relating to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, including programs, goods and services which are environmentally proactive
  • Explore programs and practices that promote environmental awareness
  • Monitor municipal and school environmental efforts
  • Promote environmental and energy awareness in the community
  • Recommend implementation strategies for energy efficiency and environmentally improved practices for municipal and school department, facilities and programs


"Our mission is to advise and encourage the commission and community on environmentally sustainable solutions, principles, practices that will improve our quality of life, promote prosperity by developing the local economy and protect the planet by conserving resources and minimizing pollution."

Staff Liaison

If you have any questions, please contact staff liaison Urban Planning and Sustainability Coordinator Gregory Wharton at (412) 343-7032.