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Civic Engagement Advisory Board


Held the first Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m.
Check the municipal calendar for exact dates or updates.
Meeting location: Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building, 710 Washington Road and on Zoom
Read agendas, minutes or watch meeting video.


The Civic Engagement Advisory Board, also known as the Engagement Board, has nine members. After initial appointments to stagger terms, board members will serve for three year terms.


The purpose of the Civic Engagement Advisory Board is to encourage compliance with all laws,federal and state, respecting the rights of citizens; to educate the citizenry with respect thereto; to function in a conciliatory manner regarding problems which may arise regarding citizen rights;
to establish a position of community leadership with respect to all matters of community relations among citizens; to recommend diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives; and to advise the Commission in connection therewith.


  • To review, monitor, and propose policy changes in alignment with the municipality's Comprehensive Plan as necessary to:
    • promote effective strategies for public engagement, removing barriers, and increasing inclusion and access to municipal services for the public
    • provide information to the community by proposing and supporting the conduct of educational programs and distribution of informative material
    • and exhibit the municipality's commitment to inclusion through internal policies, procedures, and human resources policies.
  • To work with individual citizens, neighborhood groups, and municipal staff to recommend improvements related to community relations and diversity, equity, and inclusion across Municipal services.

In the performance of its activities and duties, the board shall seek assistance from staff to ensure that all its actions and recommendations are in compliance with applicable municipal standards and regulations, including budgetary items.

Advisory Activities

  • Advise the Commission and make recommendations concerning strategies and methods to promote culturally responsive service delivery, programing, and communications strategies.
  • Advise the Commission on strategies that strengthen human rights,
    values and principles.
  • Act as a conduit of information between the municipality and the community to gather and assess the information necessary to make sound and consistent advisory recommendations to the Municipality for policies and service delivery improvements.

Collaborative Activities

The Board shall seek to promote close collaboration among Commission and other boards, municipal departments, individuals, businesses, schools, and institutions concerned with community relations, human rights, and inclusion in order to promote public wellbeing, civic participation, and the creation of an inclusive community.

  • In fulfilling the collaborative duties described herein, the Commission may opt to appoint ex-officio members to other boards or Commissions, where such formal non-voting participation can enhance the level of cooperation and collaboration among municipal boards and commissions.
  • Any other activities directed by the Commission.

Community Dispute Resolution Service

The CEB provides free non-binding confidential community dispute resolution services, including mediation, to help residents whose concerns, complaints, or disputes have reached an impasse. To learn more about the CEB community dispute resolution and mediation process, contact the CRB staff liaisons, listed below.

Staff Liaisons

Laura Pace Lilley and Julie Aquino