How long does it take to process a dye test?

The public works office will get the required letter out to the finance department within 10 business days from the day a completed application is received.

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1. Why is the dye test program in effect?
2. What's the problem if my conductors or area drains are connected to the sanitary sewer?
3. What regulations are violated by connecting rain conductors to a sanitary sewer?
4. If I am notified that I have an improper connection, what can I do about it?
5. Who does this work?
6. What assistance can I expect from the municipality?
7. What do I need to do after corrective action is taken?
8. Do I need a dye test if I am refinancing my home?
9. Do I need to have a dye test done when I sell my house?
10. How long does it take to process a dye test?
11. How long is a dye test valid?
12. If my property fails the dye test can I still close on the property?