Sidewalk Safety

Sidewalk Construction & Repair Document
Maintaining Mt. Lebanon is a matter of pride. It is important to preserve the community for the future and protect the community’s investments in streets, sewers, and sidewalks by keeping them clean, safe, looking good, and working well.

Many homeowner liability insurance claims arise from defective sidewalks. Although homeowners may feel their sidewalk is defect free and poses no danger to pedestrians it takes as little as a ¾ inch difference in elevation between one slab and the next to cause a possible tripping hazard. Sidewalks should be in good repair with no crumbling or heaving. The maintenance, including snow removal, of adjoining sidewalks and driveway aprons is the responsibility of the property owner.

Inspect Your Sidewalks Regularly
All facilities, including sidewalks, require regular maintenance to reduce the damage caused over time by the effects of weather and use. On a regular basis home owners should inspect their sidewalks to determine if any of the following unsafe conditions are present:
  • Step separation - A vertical displacement of ¾ inch or greater at any point on the walkway that could cause pedestrians to trip or prevent the wheels of a wheelchair or stroller from rolling smoothly;
  • Badly cracked concrete - Holes and rough spots ranging from hairline cracks to indentations wider than 2 inches.
  • Spalled areas - Fragments of concrete detached from the sidewalk slab;
  • Settled areas that trap water - Sidewalk segments with depressions, reverse cross slopes, or other indentations that make the sidewalk path lower than the curb. These depressions trap silt and water on the sidewalk and reduce the slip resistant nature of the surface;
  • Vegetation overgrowth - Ground cover, trees, or shrubs on properties or setbacks adjacent to the path that have not been pruned can encroach onto the path and create obstacles;
  • Obstacles - Objects located on the sidewalk, in setbacks, or on properties adjacent to the sidewalk that obstruct the passage space.

Do-It-Yourself Method
As costs rise for everyone, including the Municipality, it may in fact pay you to consider the do-it-yourself option, especially if it is a small job. If you have a large job, you may want to consider hiring a professional for the best results.

If you are doing any new or replacement work it is the responsibility of the homeowner and/or contractor to obtain a permit for this work. All work will be inspected by the Department of Public Works. You will need a Sidewalk Permit to work in the Municipal right-of-way, as well as a set of sidewalk and driveway construction details. Permits and details are free and can be obtained at our office located at 710 Washington Road. If you hire a contractor, the contractor will be responsible for obtaining the permit.

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