Safety Unites Us


Safety is our number one job

In the municipality of Mt. Lebanon, safety has always been a top priority for us, from the way we care for your children during recreation activities to the way we educate your family about fire safety. During the COVID-19 pandemic, that culture of safety has carried us through difficult times. We continue to demonstrate how we care for our residents and employees every day by the preventative steps we take and the way we have re-imagined municipal government.

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  • MAC Safety Consultants completed assessment of municipal buildings and provided recommendations.
  • Signage in all municipally owned buildings educates staff and visitors educates and provides behavioral reminders.
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Online and phone service

  • Many municipal services are available by using the service portal at 24 hours a day. Among the activities you can do online: Request overnight on-street parking, pay taxes and parking tickets, apply for building permits, report missed trash or recycling collection, apply for block party permits and request services such as replacement of a streetlight or trimming of a municipal street tree.
  • The switchboard is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays for additional assistance.
  • Payments are accepted online or can be dropped off at boxes outside the main entrance to the municipal building.
  • The Library provides contactless curbside pickup of material and drop-off bins. Other library events are available virtually. For a list, go to
  • Most municipal meetings have been virtual, to protect the public, volunteers, staff and elected officials.

Cleaning and sanitation

  • Contracted custodial maintenance crews disinfect all high-touch surfaces during cleanings (once each day the buildings are in use), with the use of EPA approved and listed disinfectants. Additional cleanings added to schedule where needed, such as a mid-day cleaning for the Mt. Lebanon Public Library.
  • Each floor of our buildings has cleaning caddies, including cleaning and disinfecting products, as well as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other helpful products. Staff training ensures proper use of these products. Employees were provided with three washable masks.
  • Self-check areas, including a station for temperature taking, were added to buildings to screen all employees for every shift. Entry to the buildings are restricted.
  • Hand sanitizing stations added in public buildings.
  • Building air filtration systems have been upgraded where possible.
  • Mt. Lebanon Public Library received a fogging disinfection service and all carpets were cleaned and disinfected.
  • Wipes and keyboard covers used to disinfect computers in the public area of the Library.
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Social distancing and building modification

  • Public areas where queuing is likely are marked with 6-foot floor indicators to help with physical distancing.
  • Lobbies were reconfigured to utilize open spaces where possible.
  • Conference rooms are closed for most uses except scheduled events to insure proper disinfection between uses.
  • Plexiglas barriers were installed in work areas where social distancing is not possible. Service windows also received barriers.
  • Library furniture was removed to help with physical distancing, preventing cross contamination of chairs, couches, tables and other shared amenities.
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Anyone with any questions about the safety efforts in Mt. Lebanon buildings and parks can speak directly with our safety captain, facilities and parks manager Phil Avolio at Phil has turned safety into an art and he is available to give you all the details.