Parks Master Plan

Work is starting on a new plan in 2020. If you have any questions please direct them to Ian McMeans, 412-343-3620

Historic Information:

The following drawings and slides are the result of a series of public meetings conducted beginning in May 7, 2003, regarding the Mt. Lebanon Parks Master Plan project. LaQuatra Bonci Associates, the consultants for the project, shared their initial thoughts on the park system and individual park enhancements with the public. Residents then offered many constructive suggestions regarding improvements that could be made to the park system in general and to individual parks. Drawings were prepared that incorporated many of the residents' suggesions. Improvements were prioritized, and cost estimates and a time-table were prepared that would allow the municipality to fund and implement the project in the short-, middle- and long-range over the next 20 years. All of the parks are shown here, not necessarily in the same order they were presented at the meetings. Please understand these images represent the consultants recommendations; they are not final plans. 

Residents’ comments are welcome. Please contact Mt. Lebanon Public Works Director Rudy Sukal, 412-343-3409, or Mt. Lebanon Public Information Officer Laura Pace Lilley, 412-343-3407.

January 15, 2003, meeting
May 7, 2003, meeting
Questions and comments from the public
October 7, 2002, meeting