Real Estate Tax

Mt. Lebanon Real Estate Taxes

The Mt. Lebanon Commissioners and School Board determine the annual millage rate at the time that each of their budgets are adopted. The Allegheny County Board of Assessors determines the assessment of each property. The municipal or school district tax is calculated by multiplying the appropriate millage by the full market value as determined by the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessment.

On June 1 of each year, the Mt. Lebanon Treasurer mails the municipal and school district real estate tax bills. These bills are mailed either to the property owner, mortgage company, or designated agent. Every property owner whose real estate taxes are paid by July 31 receives a two percent (2%) discount. The face tax is due no later than September 30, and a ten percent (10%) penalty is added to any unpaid tax on October 1.

Mt. Lebanon School District also offers an installment program as an alternative to paying the tax in one payment. In order to pay the school tax on installments, the property owner must pay one half (1/2) of the face amount by September 30, one quarter (1/4) of the face amount by December 31 and the final quarter (1/4) by February 28 of the following year.

The Tax Office regularly updates the real estate tax records using deed transfers and information supplied by property owners or their agents. Allegheny County provides change orders used to update a property's assessment.

For general information on Mt. Lebanon property assessments, please click here.

For detailed property assessment information, please visit Allegheny County’s website.

Please call (412) 343-3405 for questions regarding the Municipal or School District Real Estate Taxes.

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