Municipal Claims & Tax Certification Letters

Municipal Claims Letter & Tax Certification Letter

Municipal claims letters and tax certification letters are issued to disclose that there are no municipal liens or claims against a property unless something of record has been found. Prior to issuing municipal claims letters and/or tax certification letters, all accounts with the municipality will be researched for compliance with municipal regulations and to verify that payments are up to date.  A municipal claims letter and/or tax certification letter will not be issued until the property owners have complied with the information and/or payment requests of the municipality.

Items to Address

In order to process the request for a municipal claims letter and/or tax certification letter the following items must be addressed:

Earned Income Tax

Any questions or issues regarding Earned Income Tax must be resolved through Jordan Tax Service before requested documents will be released. Jordan Tax Service can be reached at 412-345-7966.

Current Year Real Estate Tax

Any payments on Municipal and School District real estate taxes are reported directly on the tax certification. Unpaid real estate taxes that have been sent to collections are indicated on the tax certification.


Unpaid invoices and/or open violations are reported on the Municipal Claims Letter. Questions? Call 412-343-3408.

Public Works

Dye testing requirements must be resolved through Public Works. Questions? Call 412-343-3403.


Unpaid invoices issued by Mt. Lebanon Municipality and any other charges will be reported on the claims letter.

Any unresolved or outstanding issues could delay the processing of the municipal claims letter and/or tax certification letter.

All Sewage Fees, Delinquent Stormwater Fees and Delinquent/Liened Taxes

Jordan Tax Service, Inc. issues letters on all sewage, delinquent storm water fees, and delinquent and liened Municipal and School real estate taxes. Separate fees are required.

Requests for these may be directed to:
Jordan Tax Service, Inc.
102 Rahway Road, McMurray, PA 15317

Municipal Fees

  • Municipal Claims Letter – $25 (Finance Department)
  • Current Year Tax Certification Letter – $20 (Finance Department) 
  • Dye Test - $50 (Public Works Department)

Further Information

If you have any questions, please call (412) 343-3920 (Finance).  Please allow ten (10) working days for the letters to be issued.