Street Sweeping

In order to maintain municipal roads in a safe and clean condition, the public works department utilizes a variety of equipment to remove dirt, debris and leaves from nearly 100 miles of residential and business district streets and roadways. In the fall leaves are collected weekly, one day prior to regular refuse collection.

Other Details
  • Business District Sweeping. The business areas are swept once a week except during sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Contractual Sweeping. Residential and main roads are swept three times a year starting in late April.
  • Leaf Collection. Leaves are collected at the curb in residential areas using six vacuum units, and are collected weekly one day prior to regular refuse collection during the fall season, utilizing part-time seasonal employees to supplement the public works crews. Leaves are turned and shredded then hauled out of the municipality for composting.
  • Complete Leaf Collection. Main roads and various dead end streets, utilizing a paper bag collection system, are scheduled and performed on an overtime basis on Saturdays.

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