Sanitary Sewer Treatments

Root Treatment Will Prevent Sewer Blockages
2015 Root Treatment Contract.jpg
2015 Program - Sewers in some areas of the community will be treated for root-related blockages beginning in late fall of 2015. The designated sewers either have been treated previously or have been identified recently as posing potential problems.

Residents in the immediate areas will be notified by flyer.

All products used to treat the sewers are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

A certified pesticide applicator from Dukes Root Control and a Mt. Lebanon Public Works inspector are on the site at all times. The foam or herbicide used never comes in contact with anything other than the inside of the sanitary sewer system.

For More Information
Mt. Lebanon has found that this routine treatment of our aging sewer system significantly reduces the number of blockages and backups. If you have questions, please call Public Works Director Rudy Sukal at (412) 343-3403.

Click on the GIS map above for a closer look at areas scheduled for treatment.